A2 Key for Schools (2020 Exam) 1 Students Book with Answers and Audio Download

Смотреть все компоненты курса A2 Key for Schools
  • Вид Экзамена KET
  • ISBN 9781108676595
  • Вид пособия Учебник
  • Язык Английский
  • Издательство Cambridge
  • Курс A2 Key for Schools
  • Уровень Курса A2
  • Уровень CEFR A2
  • Возраст 16+
  • Возрастное ограничение 0
  • Страна производства Англия
  • 4246р.
  • Нет в наличии
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Authentic examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English provide perfect practice because they are EXACTLY like the real exam.

Inside each book you'll find four authentic A2 Key for Schools examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English. Be confident on exam day by working through each part of the exam so you can familiarise yourself with the format and practise your exam technique. All our authentic practice tests go through the same process as the A2 Key for Schools exam. We check every single part of our practice tests with real students under exam conditions, to make sure we give you the most authentic experience possible.

Key Features:

• Contains four complete exam papers for the 2020 revised A2 Key for Schools from Cambridge Assessment English making this the most authentic practice material available. 

ISBN: 9781108676595