Grammar Time 5 NEd Teachers Book

Книга учителя
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  • Страна производства Англия
  • Вид пособия Книга учителя
  • Язык Английский
  • Издательство Pearson
  • Курс Grammar Time NEd
  • Уровень Курса 5
  • Возраст 7+
  • Автор Carling Maria, Jervis Sandy, Northcott Richard
  • ISBN 9781405852791
  • Возрастное ограничение 0
  • 1302р.
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The comprehensive Teacher's Book contains detailed notes and extra materials - everything teachers need to make the most of the course. Teacher's notes for every unit with warmers, fillers, alternative suggestions, culture notes and answer keys. Teaching tips on useful areas such as grammar, lexis, pronunciation, using video etc. Photocopiable grammar, vocabulary and functional language worksheets for every unit. Class audio and video scripts. Unit and achievement tests. Mid and end of course tests. Test audio, audio scripts and answer keys.

ISBN: 9781292120164

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