English for Life Elementary Class Audio CDs

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  • Страна производства Англия
  • Вид пособия Диски
  • Язык Английский
  • Издательство Oxford
  • Курс English for Life
  • Уровень Курса Elementary
  • Возраст 16+
  • Автор Hutchinson Tom
  • ISBN 9780194307420
  • Возрастное ограничение 0
  • 1094р.
  • Нет в наличии. Под заказ (от з-х дней)

Аудио-CD диски к учебнику English for Life Elementary Student's Book.

One page, one lesson, one focus. Четырехуровневый курс общего английского для взрослых, уровни: Beginner - Intermediate.

• Удобная для студентов и учителей структура учебника: по одной странице на урок.

• Подведение итогов каждого урока в разделе Now I can.

• Фокус на разговорном английском для повседневного общения.

• Методические материалы на CD-ROM - EAN: 4623720464493.

These Class Audio CDs are for use with English for Life Elementary Student's Book.

Four-level English course with a simple approach that helps adults learn quickly - one page, one lesson, one focus.

An easy-to-use course for adults who either want to learn English quickly for a specific purpose - such as travel - or who just prefer a much more straightforward approach to learning.

Each page is one complete lesson, and each lesson has just one learning focus.

Teacher support includes an interleaved Teacher's Book, plus extra materials and resources.
  • One-page lessons - a simple approach for students and teachers
  • Positive 'Now I can' learning goal in every lesson
  • Real-life language focus (English for Everyday Life lessons)
  • Colourful mix of photos and illustrated stories
  • Study and reference section - wordlists, audio scripts, irregular verbs, pronunciation chart
  • Find 'That's Life' stories, useful study documents, and pronunciation audio for the Student's Book on the Student's Site.
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